Contextual Media Verticals

Contextual Media Verticals is a form of targeted advertising that delivers benefits to both the consumer and the brand. Ads displayed in the right and in a brand-safe environment is relevant and better for everyone.


Advantages of Contextual relevance

Be relevant

People are satisfied when they getting information delivered from media or advertisers, using a crystal clear and relevant communication through their content or advertisement.

Create engagement

Contextual ads are good to engage the customers. It makes them engage without searching on their own, and people are more likely to give response towards a particular product or services.

Cost effective

It is the best way to find a niche market as it has a targeted message for specific customers which makes contextual advertising, a cost-effective method to generate sales and create brand awareness.

Contextual tastes way better than cookies

When your audience is experiencing your ad in relevant context it’s easier for you to build trust and create impact. The right environment can shape your ad’s impact.


Much of today’s marketing fails because it doesn’t reach the right consumers at the right time or in the right environment. We created Concept Media Verticals where we categorize a broad range of premium publishers into powerful contextual categories.