Trusted Media Brands

Every website or app trusted and powered by Concept has either been individually invited to join us or they have applied and passed our strict brand-safe criteria.


Think Brand Safety - Think Concept!

Only Trusted and Brand Safe Media Brands

We only recommend and work with trusted media brands that are certified as brand safe. For us your brand-safety is crucial.

Best in Class Advertising solutions

With a cross-channel approach, we ensure that your brand makes a lasting impression with every impression of your advertising.

State of the art targeting options

Build your own bespoke audience based on gender, age and geographic or pick and choose between our wide-reaching, interest-based audiences.

Talents and technology works for you

An experienced team of digital talents and our state-of-the-art technology platform will monetize your  advertising campaigns 24/7.

+200 Brand Safety Media Partners

Reach engaged audiences at scale, across hundreds of cherry-picked, quality websites and apps in Denmark, Sweden, and Norway from a single point of purchase.