What we do

We seek to provide highly engaged audiences and innovative digital ad units that are built to scale and perform for both advertiser and publisher in the Nordics.

We successfully deliver digital ad campaigns for brands and agencies that aim to reach out to audiences across premium media brands in Denmark, Sweden and Norway.

Why we do it

Our mission is to give brands and agencies easy access to explore and buy audiences, across unique and high performing ad units in Denmark, Sweden and Norway.

All we do, are made to scale and perform for Nordic publisher and influencers, to help them to survive in a global controlled advertising industry.


How we do it

We cherry pick the best and most valuable digital media brands in the Nordics and provide them with our innovative and best in class advertising solutions.

We categorize all our trusted and brand-safe media partners into wide-reaching media categories and groups of interest based audiences that deliver scalable digital advertising for brands and agencies.


Our Values

We are committed to deliver

Our approach is driven by commitment and highly flexible service to provide confidence and results for advertisers, agencies, and publishers.

We focus on relationships

We’re never in for the short run, we always aim to drive the results and deliver the services that build long-term relationships.

We adapt and evolve fast

You’re not limited to standard solutions. We get creative and we take a risk. We are innovating and evolving new advertising solutions in-house.

We are transparent in all we do

The digital ad landscape can be complicated. With Concept, you will always have access to all the information you need your campaigns.

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